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screen cap_ ypenews_augsept2014The latest issue of the YP ENewsletter is now available for download. In this issue, the first TAO Forum on Sustainable Communities was featured together with the article of our former YP intern, Shareen Elnaschie, about their research project on Vitas Katuparan. Other articles found in this August-September 2014 issue are the shelter assistance for Manicani Island, project monitoring for post-Haiyan reconstruction, the community facilities designed by HDM Lund student, Frida Blomqvist, for Masagana, and her reflections on what it’s like to design for urban poor communities. A call for internship as well as an upcoming notice for our fundraising campaign for our annual Christmas gift-giving is featured in our announcements section. Regular sections such as our network activities and book reviews are still found in this latest issue.

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TAO launches Forum on Sustainable Communities

Forum and exhibit focus on post-disaster rehabilitation; DILG Office of Usec. Fernandez co-hosts forum

TAO-Pilipinas recently launched an annual forum with community and network partners on its anniversary month. Last August 29, coinciding with the celebration of its 13th founding anniversary, TAO held the first Forum on Sustainable Communities at the 8th floor multi-purpose hall of the DILG-NAPOLCOM Building in Quezon City. The forum is intended to become an annual event organized by TAO around issues on sustainable human settlements.

For the maiden forum, the theme focused on post-disaster rehabilitation. In light of post-Yolanda recovery and reconstruction efforts that the government and various organizations are currently involved in, the forum aimed to provide a venue to introduce these initiatives, share lessons and facilitate conversation to push for the creation of sustainable communities in post-disaster rehabilitation work.

Forum speakers
The roster of forum speakers was led by Fr. Jorge Anzorena who talked about community responses to disaster after the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. In his presentation Fr. Anzorena emphasized community participation in decision-making, resolving land-related problems, and establishing income or livelihood support along with temporary housing for people to recover from disasters. He also stressed important community actions such as initiating response without waiting for government help, building alliances and planning for the future.

TAO Pilipinas' community and network partners listen to speakers' presentations at the forum

TAO Pilipinas’ community and network partners listen to speakers’ presentations at the forum

The significance of community participation was built on by Architect Arlene Lusterio who followed with a presentation on the community action planning process undertaken by TAO-Pilipinas in Tacloban City. Continue reading

YP E-Newsletter Double Issue is Now Available for Download

screen cap of latest YP ENewsletter Over the past summer, TAO-Pilipinas’ technical staff have been very busy with different projects. The YP E-Newsletter for March – May/June – July 2014 features some of those activities. Included in this double issue is the Community Action Planning Workshop that TAO-Pilipinas conducted in the Old Sagkahan Area of Tacloban City and the Shelter Damage Assessment done for the islands of Manicani and Homonhon in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Articles about our concluded YP Summer Internship Program and the study tour of the Urban Shelter course students from Lund University are also featured in this latest issue. This issue also features a YP Reflection written by YP Alumni, Gloryrose Dy. Her reflection talks about the role of architects when it comes to rebuilding other people’s lives. Aside from the mentioned articles, a book review and two network activities that happened over the past five months can also be read in this newsletter. Lastly, job announcements for our organization are also posted in the last page of this newsletter. Just click the image on the left to download the latest YP E-Newsletter. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, just fill out the form below.