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Last 2012, one of our board of directors, Arch. Rosario ‘Ning’ Encarnacion-Tan, released a self-published book entitled, 100 Things About Building With Bamboo. The book is like a primer and provides basic information about bamboo and building with bamboo in general. It also provides insights about living in a bamboo house base on the author’s personal experience of living in a bamboo made house. This book is available at the TAO office for 200.00 Php.

Aside from the abovementioned publication, TAO-Pilipinas, Inc. has produced publications as a result of the numerous capacity building training and the direct technical assistance given by the organization. These publications are available only in our office. Here are some of the books published by TAO-Pilipinas, Inc.:

Modyul ng Workshop: Pagpaplano ng Komunidad para sa Pabahay na Medium-Rise
This book is a facilitator’s guide on how to conduct a participatory community planning for medium-rise housing. The book is written in Filipino so that communities will be able to understand the workshop much better. The module is divided into two parts: the Planning Workshop and the Validation Workshop. Included in the workshop module are visual aids and materials that can be used for the planning workshop. This workshop module is a step-by step guide on how community architects conduct participatory community planning and development.  This publication is sold at 175.00 Php. Delivery charges are not included.
Gabay Para sa Paggawa ng Bahay na Yari sa Konkreto
This book is a construction manual that gives design and construction tips to those who are interested on building a house made of concrete. The book was created for our urban poor community groups who are interested into doing self-help housing construction. The book aims to give the layman a basic knowledge of how to build a house made of concrete. It is written in Filipino and the guidelines are categorized according to structural elements (example: foundation, walls, floors, etc.). The book is just a basic guide and would be most useful to individuals with construction know-how (example: mason, carpenters, etc.). This is available for sale at 150.00 Php. Delivery charges are not included.
Gabay sa Pagsasanay sa Community-based Solid Waste Management
TAO-Pilipinas, Inc. has been giving CBSWM training to our partner communities through the years. This training module is a result of those trainings. This book is a facilitator’s guide on how to conduct a community-based solid waste management (CBSWM) training. It is written in Filipino and serves as a step-by step guide on doing CBSWM. The book is divided into 10 modules that includes the monitoring and evaluation portion of CBSWM. Visual aids and workshop tools are also incorporated in the book to better facilitate the training. This training module is sold at 300.00 Php. Delivery charges are not included.
Idrm_coverntegrating Disaster Risk Management in Site Planning and House Design in Resettlement Projects
This book is a result of the research done in Albay Province about integrating disaster risk management in site planning and house design of resettlement projects. The research was done from 2008-2009 during the construction of resettlement sites for Typhoon Reming victims. This book contains three research reports namely: Good Practices and Gaps in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Education and Disaster Preparedness in Albay Province by Rosalyn-Frances Marcelo, Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Considerations in the Design of Shelter Units in Albay Resettlement Sites by Geralding Matabang, and Enhancing Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Awareness of Communities in Taysan and Anislag Resettlement Sites by Beryl Baybay. This book was made possible through the ProVention Consortium Applied Research Grants for Disaster Reduction. It is written in English and is available for 140.00 Php. Delivery charges are not included.

For those interested in purchasing the books, please call 441-0998 and look for Ms. Angel Sales to inquire about the availability of the books. We only have limited stocks of the books so please call first before going to our office.

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