Education and Training

The Education and Training Program provides venues where people’s organizations, community organizations, non-government organizations and technical professionals in the private and public sectors can learn and apply community-driven and participatory processes in the following areas: community development planning, estate management, disaster mitigation in planning, and solid waste management.

Through the ET Program, TAO-Pilipinas engages in building the technical knowledge and capability of urban and rural poor community members, people’s organizations, and NGOs so they can make informed decisions and implement activities towards creating sustainable
communities. We can also provide training to local government units at the barangay level. We conduct training on the following topics:

  • Participatory Community Planning and Development (PCPD) (estate management
    focusing on the formulation of community policies and orientation on the community development process)
  • Community-Based Solid Waste Management (CB-SWM)
  • Community-Based Disaster Risk Management for Sites and Buildings (CB-DRM-SB) (orientation on disaster resistant technologies for dwellings and small structures, and integrating disaster resiliency in site and house design)
  • Capability Building for Community Leaders (introduction to land research, understanding technical documents such as maps and subdivision plans, house design, and alternative building materials production and installation)