Young Professionals

The concept of young professionals was first introduced by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) in 1993. ACHR’s Young Professionals Program was developed to orient and initiate young professionals’ involvement with urban poor communities and to support young professionals who have already started community work.

The definition of young professionals in the program is a combination of two notions, those of “being young” and “being professional”. Being young means:

  • Being at the early stage of a professional career
  • Being open to the diversity of social dynamics and willing to share his/her time and energy
  • Carrying an attitude of learning from the communities

Being professional means:

  • Being in the stage of developing expertise in his/her own field and concerns on the role professionals have to play in society
  • Serving as a catalyst to enhance the integration of community efforts

Young Professionals are those individuals aged 19-40 years old who are still in college, have just graduated or newly graduated professionals in the field of human settlements.

As an Education and Training sub-program, we are also focused on capability building. We aim to provide university students, academics, and young professionals with a venue for social orientation and action on issues concerning sustainable human settlements development. Those who have the interest to work on issues affecting the poor are given the chance to interact and work with poor communities. Program activities include the following:

  • Training and orientation workshops with direct community interaction
  • Internship program
  • Volunteer placement for individuals and student organizations
  • Project partnerships with academic institutions
  • University lectures
  • Newsletter dissemination to the YP network

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