Research and Publications

This program focuses on the research and the publication of popular materials for communities on issues of participatory community processes, gender, sustainable human settlements and holistic urban development.

Under the RP Program, TAO-Pilipinas supports the delivery of technical assistance to poor communities through conducting research on sustainable human settlements development and other related issues. We also build awareness on topics such as alternative approaches to housing and community-based management processes through publication on print and online media. Program activities include:

  • Documentation of TAO-Pilipinas’ technical assistance to communities
  • Research on alternative building materials and technologies; and land acquisition, registration, surveying and titling processes
  • Maintenance of the TAO Resource Center and Library
  • Bi-annual publication of TAO Shelter magazine
  • Collaboration with local and international academic and research institutions and individuals

Materials produced by the Research and Publications Program can be accessed in the Resources page.